Where you shop matters #Indiesfirst


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about how to tell you this. Where you shop is crucial for me. Some of you already know that and do shop local. I thank you.

A few weeks ago I had a customer that "really wanted to support me" but Amazon had the idem she wanted for less money. I didn't say what I should have. I should have explained the real cost of Amazon. I should have explained that those extra few dollars keep us in a brick and mortar store with the lights on. I should have said how my that statement hurt me. Instead, I kept my mouth shut.

Besides the convience of having bookstore in town, I really want to be here. Not just today, but in 10 years. I think bookstores help communities and I want to bring authors and events to the community I live in. I can only hope that you want me here, too.

As the holidays approach, I know the temptation of one-clicking instead of going to look for an item in a store. Belle and I have worked hard to curate our store selection so that we have gifts for every taste. We also offer online shopping, for your convience.

Where you shop matters, so shop local!

So, just a few graphics here to highlight my point.