I woke up one morning last month and realized I had lost the urge to read books. I laid in bed with my dogs snuggling next to me and struggled to remember the last book I read, all the way through, that I actually chose to pick up. It had been a while.

What happened?

Oh right, fucking podcasts! I found myself wanting to listen to people talk for “entertainment”, rather than read something for pleasure. I logged hours last month listening to people blather on about the impeachment. Reflecting on it, I think it is a sad thing listening to something big happening that I have absolutely no control over. Also, is like over now, so that was a big ole waste of time.

This is not a good thing. I have to know books, especially new books. I can’t lose my passion for reading. Yet when I laid in bed that morning thinking about the books I have in stock, not one of them seemed appealing to me. I can’t love my job of being around books anymore if they stop being entertaining to me.

I am so glad for self-reflection. That morning I decided to stop the madness and skip all the political podcasts. I was listening to about four a day, and now I am down to just one, The Witch Daily Show. I listen to in the morning and then I close my podcast app. As a result, this was just a little blip in my reading. I am happy to report that I have already read two books this month. It is Feb. 5th I have finished two books so far. It has helped to have Libro.fm for audiobooks so I can still listen to something when I can’t actually read a book.

I recently finished Blood Countess by Lana Popovich. This is one of the Not So YA Book Club picks for the month and it was really good. I can’t wait to discuss it with everyone. The other book I read was Survivor’s Song by Paul Trembley. This book doesn’t even come out until July but I am a HUGE fan. Paul Trembley writes horror like no other. I obviously enjoyed this book immensely. I am currently listening to The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern and reading Havenfall by Sara Holland.

Whew! it is good to be back!

If I am being completely honest, I tend to overdo things if I like them. I am grateful to be living in a time of entertainment when I can binge-watch a whole season of something and not have to wait for shows to come out once a week. The limited time I do spend on tv doesn’t have to be spent in angst wondering what happens next, (can’t say the same for the book series I keep starting, and for those, I wait a year or more to find out).

I have seen some booksellers start podcasts, and I know there are quite a few bookish ones available. Are podcasts the next big thing for entertainment or just a passing fad? Do you listen to podcasts?