Kevin the Turkey: A Tale of Thanksgiving by Damien Cregeau, Pamela Hall, Pamela Ives Paterno (Illustrator)


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Based on a true story.

A story of hope about a turkey named Kevin.

Based on the real Kevin the Turkey who lived in Wethersfield, CT with beautiful watercolor illustrations.

About the Authors and Illustrator:

Dr. Pamela Hall is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist with private practices in both New Jersey and Connecticut. She was also a school psychologist and is a trauma specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience. She is a staunch advocate for the safety and welfare of children and survivors of abuse. She currently practices in Norwich, CT and the charming olde town of Wethersfield and enjoys restoring colonial houses with her husband Damien. She has not had the privilege of having Kevin the turkey for a patient but she certainly would love to vote for him for mayor!

Damien Cregeau has been an educator and historian for almost two decades, speaking throughout the northeast and publishing articles on various historical topics. Damien has enjoyed living in Old Wethersfield with his wife, Pamela, since 2006. He is continually amazed by the history and architecture of the charming town. He is also an avid photographer of Wethersfield Cove, its abundant wildlife, and gorgeous sunsets.

Pamela Ives Paterno had an enjoyable career as a French teacher to elementary school children. For many years her hobby was painting wild birds in action. So when a wild turkey walked into town and made friends with both young and old, Pam couldn’t wait to illustrate his journey.

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