The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America


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Revised and updated for 2016, including exposed corruption, the death of a newspaper and what the victims Really think of Law Enforcement. This is a true story of human trafficking in America as told through the testimony of a landmark federal trial which took place at the heart of one of the country s wealthiest states, Connecticut, over the course of eight days in 2007. The trial of United States vs. Dennis Paris provides a rare and detailed account of how a specific type of trafficking commercial sexual exploitation is thriving because it has left the street corners and entered our homes. This one case contains every element of a crime so reliant on secrecy; shrouded behind a scintillating veil of growing legitimacy. Yet it is buried just below the surface of our culture's mainstream perception. The myth is that human trafficking of this kind disguises itself as a different monster; an evil face that is easy to recognize. The truth is far more devious and complex. In the shadows of our daily lives, this silent explosion of crime and abuse hides behind a deceptive mask of false innocence and legitimacy. For the first time we will openly examine this heretofore ignored truth with no agenda or motive other than to expose its stark reality. This trip to The Berlin Turnpike will take you to the core of how and where these events take place from the perspective of all those involved: the victims, the police, and the perpetrators. Never before has one story so accurately represented the dangerously magnetic commonalities shared by thousands of roadways, neighborhoods, businesses, publications, private homes, and websites. The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America, is a compelling expose of the people who live with the realities of commercial sexual exploitation every day. - The witnesses. Melissa P., Eileen K., Marianne C., Jennifer D., and Kathleen C. Each has their own reason for testifying. And each has something important to hide. - The Lawyers. Passionate, calculating, and with their careers on the line, the prosecution and the defense try desperately to win over the jury with every possible strategy. - The defendant. Smart, charismatic, and looking at 30 years in prison. His story will surprise you. - The girls. Marie, Danita, Kayla, Simone and others are our tour guides down The Berlin Turnpike. They share their raw, honest stories without hype or drama. In their own words, you ll learn what life is like with a pimp. - The Road. Like America s continuing struggle for equality, The Berlin Turnpike has a long, sordid history of heroes and villains. For the first time, their secrets are revealed.

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