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*If you are interested in hosting your book club here, we are happy to share our space. We have tables and chairs enough for small or large groups. There no fee to host a book club here, but it must be reserved in advance. 860-529-5500*


If you are into reading and chatting about books our book clubs are for you!

If you enjoy reading various genres across adult fiction and non-fiction, That Book Club is for you.

We are open to all ages and genders as long as you have a love for reading, you are invited.
Every month we will pick a book and meet up to discuss.

Upcoming books for That Book Club:

Books we have discussed:

This group is for adults 18+ who love reading young adult books.

We are currently discussing two YA Fantasy books a month. Members do not have to read both books to join the discussion.

Upcoming Books for The Not So YA Book Club:

Books we have discussed:


This is a new book club that will read and discuss Historical Fiction. This group is moderated by Natalie Reinhardt.

Upcoming Books for the Historical Fiction Book Club:


Books we have discussed:

Check out our events calendar for details and times.