The Book Box Subscription Program


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Are you an avid reader, or find yourself shopping for one?

The Book Box subscription service takes all the guesswork out of what to buy. Sign up for yourself or for a gift for someone else and we'll send a specialy currated book selection every month! Available in both 6 month and 12 month subscription plans.

Subscription Options:

New Fiction: new hardcovers everyone's talking about ($150 for 6 months; $300 for 12 months)

New Paperback Fiction: paperback originals or books you missed in hardcover ($90 for 6 months; $180 for 12 months)

Paperback Mystery: series launch or stand-alone sleuthy paperbacks ($90 for 6 months; $180 for 12 months)

Current Events Nonfiction: hardcovers to explain what's happening in our world ($150 for 6 months; $300for 12 months)

YA New Release Fiction: the best in YA new releases for ages 15 and up ($90 for 6 months; $180 for 12 months)


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