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We've been busy.

You've been busy, too. Back to school means a sigh of relief for some of us, and more traffic on the roads for the majority of us. Autumn officially begins this Sunday. Like most people, I love fall. It means the beginning of a brake from raging summer, and it has been raging this year. Fall for me means curling up with a good book and a hot chocolate, a blanket thrown over my feet with the windows wide open.

Upcoming Events News

Now that our Grand Opening is done, we have some other events planned to keep us busy.

Children's Story Hour

Soft Opening

Seems like not too long ago, I decided to open a bookstore. It was the day after Christmas 2017 and I was working a job I hate that was 50 miles away from my home. I always wanted to be a bookstore owner and it seemed like a good time to make a fresh start. A little less than 7 months later here I am, working in my own bookstore!

The Great American Read on PBS

The Great American Read premiered on PBS on May 22, 2018. Starting in September, The Great American Read will continue with new episodes airing on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. PBS’ eight-part TV series designed to spark a national conversation on reading.

Readers all over the country will be casting their vote. You can too. Below is a list of the 100 titles and the hashtag to vote for them on Twitter (in alphabetical order).

Tell Your Friends, Earn Free Audiobook

Do you listen to Audiobooks? I do! I sometimes find it is the only way to get good books into my busy life. That Book Store has partnered with

If you don’t know about, let me introduce you… works like Audible, except it helps support independent booksellers. All the links in this post go straight to and if you choose to sign up, it will support your local independent bookstore, That Book Store. Read on for more…

Grand Opening!

Belle and I have very busy lately trying to get the store ready for you. We are so happy to announce our Grand Opening will be the first weekend of August. August 3rd at noon we will have a ribbon cutting ceremony. We will be celebrating all weekend long with food and giveaways. I hope you all can drop by and see Connecticut’s newest independent bookstore!

In the coming weeks That Book Store has loads of events planned. Some of which are:

And so it begins...


Great news, we signed a lease for the property of our dreams!

Charles Wright May Fair

We had a great time at Charles Wright Elementary school yesterday for their May Fair. It was rainy and cold but the people came out to support the PTO and the vendors there. We were way off at the end of the vendor trail in a quiet corner but we were found by many book fans throughout the day. We even had a few stay with us for hours and chat us up about books. 

Upcoming Books You Don't Want to Miss!

So we have been super busy reading not yet released books. These books have it all; mystery, romance, adventure, and a bit of angst. Here's a few you won't want to miss. You can pre-order them all now...


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