Our first few events of 2020 have been overwhelmingly successful!

January is a really tough time for bookstores. All of retail tends to see a drop in sales after the holidays. We saw sales dip into scary lows last year. With our weather being so nice, it makes it even harder to find a reason for people to visit after the holidays. I knew this was coming, so I booked a lot of events in January. There is something going on for almost everyone. The only thing this month is missing is an event for the kiddos. Not to fear, we have our first children’s event coming up on February 7th and its a good one. It’s a UNICORN PARTY with author Jason Tharp. Jason Tharpe’s book, It’s Okay to be a Unicorn is not only beautifully illustrated, but it carries a great message about loving the person that you are. I can’t wait for this event!

This past Friday we hosted Christina from Modern Crochet for a Crochet Basics Crash Course. Christina has the patience of a saint, as evidenced by the awesome crafts she is able to crochet. Her classes usually sell out, like this one did. Her next class is on Friday, January 24, and it is already sold out. I know she is planning to come back and teach more classes, so stay tuned for our next event with Modern Crochet.

Saturday we hosted debut author, F.R. Rivers. for a local author meet and greet. His book, The Gathering, is dark and twisted. It’s about a man who is driving through the state of Connecticut during a snow storm. He comes upon a bar and sees that the parking lot is packed. This actually happened to the author, who then got the idea of filling this bar with the worst criminals and outlaws imaginable. During the packed event last night the author admitted that he was working on a sequel that is equally dark. We can’t wait! You can pick up a signed copy of The Gathering in store while supplied last.

We were lucky enough to get an author luncheon with author Serene Burdick today. Her book, The Girls with No Names, is our January That Book Club pick of the month.

I thoroughly enjoyed this historical fiction about a girl named Effie, who is desperate to find her missing sister. She gets herself admitted into The House of Mercy, which was a real place in New York, in order to find her. Once she gets in, she finds that no one will believe who she is. She finds a friend in a girl named Mable. Effie and Mable must rely on each other if either one wants to make it out alive.

This story is written with beautifully descriptive language. The time period is meticulously described. As Serene Burdick explained to our lunch group today, she researched for days and days to describe the era accurately. The effect of her research is a seamless time-traveling adventure for anyone who reads the book.