You would think that I have plenty of time to read. While it’s true that I have access to books more than most people, it is a myth that I read more.

I have had to make a conscious effort since I became a bookseller to read more now. Because I sell books, I have to know what most of what I sell is about. I spend a lot of time reading blurbs about books and listening to what people say about books. That does not equal actually reading more. I have had to curtail my finishing of books. I might read the first 4 chapters and then skip to ending to get a good feel for the book. I start listening to a lot of books through but rarely finish them. The only books I finish are book club books and books that I write reviews for.  Every vacation this year included at least 3 books in my bags and one completed read. I can’t go home at night from work every day without a book in tow.

Before I was a bookseller, I was a full-time nurse and part-time book blogger. I had a blog and I reviewed books on it. In my last full year of blogging, I logged 88 books read. Last year I only got about 42 in. This year so far I have read 37. My best year, 2015, I read 160 books. That’s a lot of reading. My goal this year is 45 books, but I hope I read more.

I am currently reading four books and listening to another one. I also need to read two books for book clubs this month. No pressure.

Here is a list of books I have read so far this year:

  1. The Girl He Used to Know
  2. Freefall
  3. The History of Bees
  4. The Perfect Fraud
  5. Never Have I Ever
  6. The Escape Room
  7. Elevator Pitch
  8. The Night Before
  9. The Binding
  10. Pickle’s Progress
  11. The Bride Test
  12. Life and Other Inconveniences
  13. Growing Things
  14. Small Great Things
  15. American Predator
  16. Wicked Saints
  17. Middlegame
  18. Where the Crawdads Sing
  19. The Last House Guest
  20. Pachinko
  21. Lady in the Lake
  22. The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna
  23. Things You Save in a Fire
  24. My Sister, the Serial Killer
  25. Kingdom of Souls
  26. Serpent & Dove
  27. Sapiens
  28. After the Flood
  29. Twenty-One Truths About Love
  30. These Rebel Waves
  31. A Good Neighborhood
  32. Toil & Trouble
  33. The Dark Net
  34. American Dirt
  35. Storyworthy
  36. The Bone Houses
  37. Separation Anxiety
  38. The Only Plane in the Sky
  39. The Grace Year
  40. House of Salt and Sorrows
  41. All the Stars and Teeth
  42. The Honey Don’t List
  43. The Roxy Letters
  44. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires
  45. My Brilliant Friend
  46. The Shadows Between Us
  47. The Primeval
  48. Eight Will Fall