Welcome to That Book Store!

That Book Store is closing for good.

All inventory is 50% off. All fixtures and furniture are also for sale.

We believe that everyone is a reader at heart when they find the right type of book.


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We just love That Book Store! Belle is always so patient with my two younger kids when they aren’t sure which book to pick out. Karen is always friendly and willing to help me pick out the perfect item – whether it’s a book or a gift. We are all so excited to have this welcoming bookstore in town.

Kimberly A.

This is a wonderful store with a thoughtfully curated inventory. You can easily find an old favorite or a new interest here. The owners are passionate about books and that passion is evident throughout the store. I am happy to be able to support this local bookshop. It’s a true gem in the community.

Mary S.

Super cool indy bookstore, great selection of books, and alcoholic beverages!!! Yes, please!! Small, cozy, friendly vibe.

Ron S.

I love a bookstore where the booksellers take time to really talk to you about books! This place is great. You can feel the love for reading in here. This is just what the central CT area needed!

Sandra D.